Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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Which statement best describes Varejao's new contract??

Should the Indians trade Cliff Lee before the trade deadline?

Do the Cavs Beat the Magic?

What's the Most Embarrassing Thing about Orlando?

Who is Most to Blame for the Indians' Bullpen Woes So Far this Season?

If you were in Vegas with $1,000 to put down on an NBA Champion futures bet, which team, given their current Bodog odds, would you bet on??

In Their Matchup with the Pistons, the Cavs will?

How Many Home Runs Will Pronk Hit This Season?

How Many Games Will the Indians Win This Season?

How Would You Define a Successful Season for the Cavs?

Who is Most Likely to be an All-Star This Year?

What's Your Biggest Fear in the NBA?

If given the opportunity today and without knowing whether he'll re-sign next summer, which of the following groups of players, if any, would you trade Lebron for?

What are your feelings as Browns and Buckeye fans on the Steelers winning the Super Bowl, and Buckeye Santonio Holmes as MVP?

Who Should the Cavs Target at the Trading Deadline?

Who Will Lead the Indians in Homeruns this Season?

What is the Biggest Reason Ohio State Lost the Fiesta Bowl?
Who will be the next Browns coach?

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