Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cripple Fight

A win is a win and the Browns needed this one badly. In what amounted to a slapfest between two 0-3 teams, the Browns swung it's crutches right into the jaw of the Bungles. And it wasn't pretty.

For about 3/4's of the game it looked as if DA "Jack McCoy" needed to be put out to pasture. Perhaps the low point of his afternoon came at the beginning of the 3rd quarter with the Browns driving down the field. Missing a wide open K2, DA giftwrapped another interception in enemy territory, forcing the ball towards the well covered Josh Cribbs, right into the arms of Chinedum Ndukwe.

But, against all logic, Battletoad Crennel left DA in, rode the legs of Jamal Lewis, finally got K2 involved in the passing game and good prevailed. Braylon also finally hit pay dirt, breaking out perhaps one of the best touchdown celebrations performed by a Browns player in history.

There are several positives to take away from this game. DA appears to have gained back some of the confidence of last season, allowing for something to build upon over the bye week. I still believe DA has a chance to turn this season around once the offensive line has fully healed and Donte Stallworth takes off his skirt and decides to justify his 35 million dollar contact. Alex Hall had a nice sack, forced fumble and appears capable of making a necessary big play. The Ghost, Jerome Harrison, finally got several touches on offense. Mike Adams and Eric Wright actually came away with interceptions, though Eric Wright, the Human 5-yard cushion, promptly gave the ball right back on a fumble.

The Browns are still making far too many stupid penalties. Four offsides calls in one game is inexcusable. Louis Leonard managed to lineup in the neutral zone twice and yet failed to make one tackle. Maybe against the Giants, King Louis needs to lineup on the bench. Additionally, allowing speedster, Ryan Fitzpatrick, he of the career 58.2 QB Rating, which by the way tops DA's rating of 43.5 on the season (coming into the game) two third down scrambles (one a 3rd and 6; one a 3rd and 7) of 11 and 13 yards is disgraceful.

This bye week calls for some serious self-reflection for the Browns and Romeo Crennel. Beating the Giants on Monday Night Football at home would go a long way to ease the pain of these early season losses. Romeo needs to show that he can make adjustments necessary to install confidence in him as a head coach. DA needs to gain back this team. Now is the time to figure out who we are. The Giants lost their first two games last year and won the Superbowl. Who says this team can't turn it around and do the same.


Jeremy Iskin said...
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My Middle Name is Bonte said...

Louis Leonard was waived by the Rams. That in itself should qualify him for a benching against the Giants.