Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adios Joey J

The new Browns regime took another small step forward today in its quest to alienate the entire fan base by releasing Cleveland's own Joe Jurevicious. From a football standpoint, releasing a 34 year old posession receiver coming off a catastrophic knee injury is certainly defensible. From a PR standpoint, given the fact that Jurevicious was apparently willing to take a major paycut, it would seem as though the move simply gives the fans one more reason to have a little less patience with Mangini and Kokinis.

In light of the fact that the pair doesn't seem to have any problem bringing in nondescript 30-something former Jets, perhaps a little outcry from Browns fans is warranted on this one. If there is any chance that Jurevicious could play this year, it's not as though the team couldn't use a guy whose hands are actually NFL calliber. I'm not sitting here trying to argue that Jurevicious could have in any way contributed to the rebuilding effort. All I'm saying is that for a relatively small sum and a roster spot, the new coach and GM could've thrown the fans one bone and not ousted one of the few beloved players the team has left.

I know, I know . . . It's a crappy argument. You don't turn around a pathetic franchise by pandering to a desperate fanbase. I guess I'm just bitter because we hired a huge prick whose only moves thus far have been to bring in aging never-was players from a team that consistently underachieved. Let's not kid ourselves here: It's not like David Bowens and Abram Elam are really going to bring a championship attitude to the locker room. We didn't hire a coach from a successful franchise. He's not really doing us any favors by bringing in "his" guys.

Whatever, I tried to write about the Browns and now I'm nauseous and depressed. Wake me up in two years when the fans are revolting, Lerner is losing money hand over fist, and Mangini is begging to get fired.


Anonymous said...

He is not signing former jets to starting roles in case you havent noticed, but rather solid backups who will be good special team players. Also not so sure why you are worried about a guy who will not be healthy until late october-november, i would have released him as favorite or not he will not help you win this upcoming year...get a clue

lenny k said...

I agree, this move saves the browns about 3 million dollars and just because he's a hometown guy doesnt mean we should throw away 3 mill on a guy that old...his knees are done and old and i dolove him- but his career is done in the nfl more than likely.

Alvaro Espinoza said...

It's depressing to think that before last season, it appeared like the Browns were on the brink of turning things around and building a contending team. With the moves to bring in Corey Williams and Shaun Rogers, it even appeared like our defense might be solidified. Now, a little over a year later, ManKoK has proceeded to once again hit the reset button on this squad. It's hard to remain passionate about a team that's treated very much like an Etch-a-Sketch, constantly being reworked and rebuilt.

Anonymous said...

Can't say that I blame them. JJ was critical of the firing of Crennel. Clearly these guys favor a complete transformation over the warm and fuzzies. Tell me, do you think Bill Belichek would have left someone on the squad who criticized the decisions that put him in power?

Biff said...

First of all, I admitted that from a football perspective, it's a defensible move. Second, it didn't save them $3 million because the report said that he was willing to take significantly less. Third, do you give solid backups $7.2 million deals? That seems like a lot of money for a guy none of you had probably ever heard of until this week.

The Talented Lamond Murray said...

I admit I was pissed when I found out about cutting JJ loose. I don't see the harm in keeping him around, especially since he had the most reliable hands of anybody in the organization and the browns are considerably thin at WR. If anything he could have served as a mentor to the younger guys (braylon) and taught them something about being a consistent NFL receiver. JJ is from cleveland and has stated that he wanted to finish his career here, from a PR stand point keeping him around would be good thing. Not many players are lining up to play for this embarassing organization, so when you find one that does and can contribute I think you have to keep him. I'm tired of reading about some second or third rate former jet coming over to play special teams. It's a waste of money to sign these guys to play special teams. You can sign guys for a lot cheaper who can do the same job.

lenny k said...

Yes i was mistaken, he would have made 2.4 million this season, which is way to much to mentor the youngsters on the squad or for making the fans feel "good"...I am kind of weary of how much less he was willing to take, his league minimum would have made him a bit over 800,000 i believe...which i can guarantee if he accepts that he would not have been released by the browns.
He may have offered a "pay cut" but it obviously was to much for a guy who cant play the game anymore. Im not falling for the smoke screen set up by joe, when it came down to it, it was a financial decision and the browns made the best move they could.

I agree about the jets players coming over, these players are being rewarded with contracts, and after what happened to the jets last year...i dont want these players over here it cant help at all if you ask me.

Art Brosef said...

The harm is that he will tie up a roster spot. Every roster spot is important, especially for a team underdoing a pretty major overhaul, if not a complete one.

Mangini has proven he doesnt really care about about the "PR perspective," and thats fine if he wins. But if he doesnt, the leash is just that much shorter.

Im sad to see JJ leave, but this move is not surprising.

Alvaro Espinoza said...

Honestly, I think you'd be hard-pressed to find any Browns fan who is truly "excited" about the team right now. Rather, it's a begrudging acceptance of mediocrity (if that).

I don't know about the rest of you, but ManKok has done nothing to instill a new sense of confidence in me in how I approach the Browns. I'm resigning final judgment until the draft - but color me a heavy skeptic.

Biff said...


Have you seen the Browns roster? Are you that concerned about how they use every last roster spot? They have maybe two-dozen guys that can really contribute to an NFL team. The rest will be gone by the time the Browns have a chance to win anything anyway. You'd really rather have the spot go to Syndric Steptoe's backup than a guy you know at least brings a non-cancerous attitude into the locker room?

Also, what's it going to be like when the Browns are 3-9 and the weather has turned next year? You think Browns fans are going to come out to watch a bunch of no-name former Jets get their asses beaten? No. Would they come out to watch Joey J hobble around and make some catches? Probably not but there's at least a slight chance that people would come out to support a guy with whom they feel they have a connection.

I'll say it right now: Attendance has never really been an issue with the Browns in this town. They just completely broke the fans hearts last season and then followed it up by signing a gigantic asshole and cutting loose key players. We know they're not going to win this year so why exactly should the fans come out to support them in a recession?

lenny k said...

Artie- you are dead wrong if you think they are worried about a roster spot with joe- it was about money, b/c obviously this regime dont care about the fans perception as joe was loved by many.

Art Brosef said...

Lenny K:

I believe I said before that this regime doesnt care about fans perception. And I understand what youre saying about the money part, and you may be right. Im just not sure Im buying it. JJ would have stuck around for peanuts to play for this team. ManKok doesnt care.


I didnt say anything about the players on this roster, nor did I say who I prefer to be on it. I just said that ManKok is looking at the roster and constructing it the way they see fit, and with no regard for fans perception.

And while I agree with your assesment of the talent on the Browns roster, I highly doubt ManKok is looking at the roster and thinking "you know what, we are gonna suck this year so we dont really need to make the best use of every roster spot." And obviously in their minds, keeping around JJ for one more year isnt the best use.

Dont misunderstand me - I wish they wouldnt have cut him, and I dont think they necessarily needed to. My point is that given this regimes short but telling track record, this isnt surprising.

Alvaro Espinoza said...


On the radio this morning they said they met with Joe and attempted to restructure the deal, but were unable to do so. So, I think Joe was looking for more than mere peanuts.

I think if Joe has anything left in the tank he'd make a nice fit with the Colts, with Gonzalez taking over Harrison's role.

Biff said...


I think we're in agreement here about the motivations of the staff. I just think it would've been funny to make them go to Lerner and say "Hey Randy, do you mind if we further antagonize the formerly rabid but quickly turning on you fan base of the Browns by cutting one of the 8 players on the roster that the fans actually like? Oh, and by the way, it's not going to make a damn bit of difference in our record."

...Because that would've been an accurate sales pitch.

lenny k said...

bottomline-yes joe J would have taken a pay cut, but obviously not to big of a one if the browns cut him. No way in hell he's gonna stick around for his league minimum of 800,000+...he feels hes worth more and he got released,period. mankok did not get together and say if Joe J will play for his league minimum-we're still going to cut doesnt happen like that and you know that...i hope.

Biff said...

Right Len, unless said player just so happens to be a Savage/Crennel guy . . . but of course, our coach and GM would never let that cloud their judgment.

lenny k said...

Is it a coincidence that no other "savage/crennel" guys have been cut by mankok, dont think it is, wait...ya because no one else wants to get paid more than what their worth, i'll say it again- not a chance they cut him if he plays for the vet min. PERIOD

Its not rocket science-its a business

Biff said...

I'm not talking about guys savage and crennel drafted or signed. I'm talking about guys that openly lobied for those guys to keep their jobs and were publicly pissed when they got canned.

Anthony Fernandez said...

Willie Mcginest was pretty openly supporting crennel and was pisssed he was fired....did he get cut? you dont have any idea what you are talking about biff

The Truth said...

Dumb#@$k Anthony Fernandez said:
"Willie Mcginest was pretty openly supporting crennel and was pisssed he was fired....did he get cut? you dont have any idea what you are talking about biff"

Please explain exactly how a free agent could possibly get cut? (iow, McGinest's 3-yr contract was up after the '08 season. Can't cut somebody who's not under contract.)

At least rally both those meager brain cells together before you tell somebody else they don't know what *they* are talking about, jackhole.

IM THE TRUTH said...

Answer the question....DID he get cut? the answer is NO, get a hold of the situation, get educated- or mabye you rode the short bus to school???

Jim Brown said...

I didn't get cut either, asshole!

McGinest couldn't get cut, because his contract was up!

In other words, he wasn't the team's property to cut, moron. Mangini couldn't cut McGinest any more than he could have cut Peyton Manning, jackhole.