Thursday, April 16, 2009

Garnett, Stephen A., Braylon, Etc.

A few quick thoughts:

1. I don't think it matters all that much but as a Cavs fan, I'm a little upset that Garnett is out for the playoffs. First of all, the Magic give me far more concern than Boston. While I'm 90% sure the Cavs would beat a healthy Boston team in a 7 game series with the home court, I am far less comfortable playing Orlando. With the Magic's size and 3-point shooting ability, they could very easily get hot and steal one at the Q. Meanwhile, the Cavs have struggled mightily in Orlando. What's more, if Boston still manages to get past the Magic, I think they'll be a slightly more dangerous team playing with an "us against the world" or "nothing to lose" mentality in a potential Eastern Conference finals than they would have been with Garnett out there hobbling around at 60%. Overall though, I'm confident it's not going to matter. The Cavs are going to win the east. That's right, I said it. This is the year and this is the team.

On a side note, what a gift this is for Celtics fans. In spite of what Bill Simmons wrote this morning, we all know that this will give Celtics fans the title defense excuse they are so desperately seeking. Ten years from now, instead of telling everyone that they couldn't defend their title because they were the 3rd best team in the league, they'll be pulling the whole, "yeah, and we were poised to do it again but then Garnett broke down so we never had the opportunity" routine. Leave it to Boston fans to come up with some great revisionist history. Make no mistake: The Celtics had NO chance of defending their title, even with a healthy Garnett. Both the Cavs and Lakers are younger and more talented, and Boston is terrible in the clutch away from home.

2. Well Stephen A. Smith is no longer with ESPN. That's right, the man who built his career on making up stories and being the loudest guy in the room is apparently a free agent. According to deadspin, the worldwide leader asked Smith to take a pay cut and he was not having it. Shrewd career move Steve. I'm sure, given the huge demand for journalists right now, you'll have no problem landing a better gig. Even if you don't though, you can always hang your hat on the lasting impact you made on the sports world with "Quite Frankly."

3. I sincerely hope that the Browns trade Braylon for a first rounder but wouldn't it be fitting that they'd end up spending an insane amount of money on first round picks shortly before the collective bargaining agreement is completely rewritten to include a rookie pay scale.

4. If I were Mark Shapiro, I'd be spending my days studying the minor league prospects of contending teams that need a catcher. Victor's value is going to be sky high this summer and the Indians need to seize the opportunity to move him.

5. I started thinking today about a scenario that would make the city of Cleveland spontaneously combust. Game 7, NBA finals, Cavs win a thriller, the fans are going berzerk as the players hoist the O'Brien trophy, and then, out of nowhere, Lebron grabs the trophy, the microphone, and a pen, and then Ferry walks out with a new 3-year contract that Lebron announces he is signing. I honestly think people would start having heart attacks. Now that would be some kind of something.

Ok, I obviously have nothing more to talk about. That's it for now.


Art Brosef said...

I realize this might be a moot point, because the Browns are awful. But Ill operate under the assumption that the Browns are going to conduct themselves as if they are a legitimate franchise.

If they trade Braylon, who are they gonna throw the ball to????

Im not sitting here saying they shouldnt, Im just posing the question.

Braylon is insanely talented, loves him some him, and never underestimate the ability of a diva to perform in a contract year.

mikyceno said...

Steptoe would be our no.1 receiver, which is scary.

Enjoyed watching the Cavs/76ers game watching Jawad Williams play, hopefully he gets more time in the playoffs, he played a good game and heard he avg'd like 25 points a game before he was signed by the cavs.

Biff said...


If you trade Braylon, you're probably going to get a #2/3 receiver back in the deal like a Hixon or Steve Smith. Then, at 5, you're probably taking the Michael Crabtree because he's the best player on the board and he now fills your biggest need. Then, I guess you use the presumably late 1st rounder you acquired for Braylon on a linebacker or DE like a Clay Mathhews Jr.

Who knows though. Honestly, I haven't figured out what the strategy of the new regime is so it's hard to predict how they're going to attempt to lay a foundation.

mikyceno said...

do you think Jawad will be in the rotation for the playoffs...i heard he avg'd like 25 ppg before he joined the cavs

Biff said...

No. I once averaged like 12-4 in a rec league. Maybe I should be in the rotation.

mikyceno said...

25 a game is much better than 12-4...dont think u should be in the rotation to say the least

Steve said...

How is basketball stats in a rec league you played in comparable to the NBA????? That comparison is way off and shows how little you know about the NBA. If you are using that line of thinking you may as well watch flag football leagues on Saturday mornings and scout guys who could be solid players in the NFL.

steve said...

And Mikyceno...Williams averaged that much in the nba D league, not in the NBA, just plain dumb for wanting him in the rotation...why do you all bother commenting on the nba with knowledge such as this, amazing.

Anonymous said...

The way this series is going it looks like we can bring out the brooms for this one

If i were Detroit's coach I would play Iverson as much as his body would let him, the former MVP doesnt get a second in the first two games of the playoffs? wtf? Needless to say the coach for detroit will be gone after the season after a blunder like this. AI is a great scorer, and last night they needed his offense to keep up with the Cavaliers.

Biff said...

AI is not on the roster. He was paid to go away.

Art Brosef said...

Actually I believe he is technically still "on" the roster.

Although I suppose Im splitting hairs.

Go Cavs

Anonymous said...

He is still on their roster, either they play him bc they need his offense or they will get swept, come on no minutes through the first 2 games?? baffles me, are they asking for their offseason to come sooner? Also why isnt TK and Snow getting any time when they are blowing out the Pistons in Game 2, sick of watching Gibson in the backcourt.