Friday, June 19, 2009


Yao? No way. Way? Could Yao Ming end up in Cleveland along Lebron James in 2010? The best big we could hope for in the 2010 free agent class had been Amare or Bosh. But they aren't true centers. Yao being "available" in 2010 would be huge. A young legit center who can shoot and defend is exactly what we (and every other team) needs. We could actually stop Dwight Howard.

Now, realistically, this is all rumor and speculation based probably on nothing more than Cleveland having a new bunch of Chinese investors. But that does give this rumor the possibility of truth.

Why would Yao give up the extra money to sign with Cleveland instead of resigning with Houston? Sure a championship ring with Cleveland would be nice. But I bet he would actually make more money signing with Cleveland. These Chinese investors would throw money at Yao to advertise. Can you imagine the Yao and LeBron commercials. It makes me giddy thinking of the possibilites.

Clearly this is nothing more than pure speculation. But this is the offseason. It is our time to dream.

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