Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Keep Cliff Lee!

Poll voters overwhelmingly voted that they couldn't bear to lose Cliff Lee because he is one of the only Indians worth watching. I am stunned. Do any of you actually think to yourself, "Indians game. Is Cliff Lee pitching? If so, I'll actually make a point to watch this one tonight."

He may be one of the only Indians worth watching, but that doesn't mean he actually gets people to watch the games. If he doesn't do that, we need to trade him while his value is so high.

Please comment loyal readers. Explain yourselves.


Anonymous said...

For me Cliff Lee is worth watching anytime he squares off on the mound. Lee and Vic are the only ones on that team who play the game the right way. I also am starting to warm up with Asdrubal but it may take some more time as he can become impatient sometimes at the plate. After Lee pitched 3 innings and was rocked he was pissed in the dugout, something no one else including Wedge does. He takes accountability for his performances-something i love about him. That being said he is probably to valuable of a player not to trade him at this point, as they can get at least 2-3 pieces for the "future" if they did trade him.

Though I am getting sick and tired of this "future" we keep planning for, when will the "future" these trades that have been happening since the late '90s going to happen?

Lee said...

Why would you trade Lee he is our best pitcher...just trade Martinez while your at it then see how much that 5000 a game attendence drops to triple digits.

Barry Lakin said...

I'd trade Victor, too. We aren't winning anything by the time his contract is up. His value isn't going to get any higher.

Let the kids play. I'd be more interested in watching new young faces that are the future of the organization. Maybe that is just me.

Lenny k said...

Trade them all, sick of watching this group play under their potential. Peralta is harder to watch year after year. and agreed Victor's trade value will only go down as he will never resign with the tribe. No can lead this team, which is the teams biggest downfall-No leaders including our "manager" Would rather watch some new faces lose 14 of 17 than the guys who have been in the majors for 5 years.