Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Black 42, Red Right, Razor Blades, Hike

Fellow Cleveland sports website swerbsblurbs.com came out with a story today regarding how dirty the Browns team has been the last couple of seasons. The range of accusations and the range of players against whom they are levied is mind-boggling. Many of the accusations are so outrageous they are laughable...except that they might be true. Spitting tabasco sauce in the receivers' eyes at the snap? Shouting Lost spoilers to distract the opponent? Pasting razor blades and glass onto your gloves? These are all so ridiculous, and incredibly disturbing if true.

The accusation that I question most is Kam Wimbley, in full pads, getting into the Steelers locker room after the game and leveling the naked, showering Ben Roethlisburger. Was there no one else in the Steelers locker room? Was it two hour after the game after everyone left that Ben decided to shower? Did Kam wait patiently in his uniform in the Browns locker room watching an advanced copy of Lost until he knew Ben would be alone? It has been alleged that the swerbs article is merely a spoof. Perhaps it is. But I am no longer shocked by anything that happens from Berea. That is the sad, sad state of the Browns.

If any of this is true, I, of course, blame Bill Bellichik. Romeo Crennel isn't smart enough to teach his players to be scum on the field without getting caught, fined, and suspended by the league. Only Romeo's mentor, the diabolical Cleveland-hated Bill Bellichik could have crafted such a scheme. I suggest a complete league review into the Patriots for accusations of privates grabbing and 24 spoilers.

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By Land By Sea Baerga said...

i think it was just a spoof type article