Thursday, October 16, 2008

K2 - The Inside Scoop

I had the opportunity to watch the completely expected Browns win Monday night with a friend who works as a resident at the Cleveland Clinic. The same Cleveland Clinic where one Kellen Winslow spent a period of time last week with some, um enlarged "marbles." My friend had the opportunity to pull Winslow's medical chart. The reason for Winslow's insistence on his medical condition being kept secret - he's currently suffering from a staph infection on his "Tanakas." Take this information for what it's worth, but this would fall in line with the high number of staph infections that have afflicted the Browns in the past - the 7th time a Browns' player would have succumbed in the last 5 years - WR - Joe "Sid" Jurevicius, C- LeCharles Bentley, WR- Braylon Edwards, LB- Ben Taylor, S- Brian Russell and Winslow himself being the other occurences. Earlier this year, Cleveland Clinic infection specialists used a special anti-staph agent to disinfect the Brown's locker and weight rooms. Perhaps a second dosage is needed.

However, the loss of Winslow, be it staph or whatever reason, could be a blessing in disguise. The reemergence of Steve Heiden in the Browns' offensive game plan was a welcomed sight. Heiden has the hands and ability to haul in the tough catch, which makes him ideal to fill the 3rd down receiver role void created by the absence of Jurevicius. Heiden had 5 catches for 59 yards Monday night (second on the team to Edwards), including a 9 yard pass on a 3 and 2, and a 17 yarder on a 3 and 4. He has shown he has the potential to make plays in the past - catching 43 balls in 2005. With the recent return of Martin Rucker to practice earlier this month and the sure-handed ability of Darnell Dinkins to field those short kickoffs, tight end has become a position of strength, one of which we may want to consider trading from in the future. If Rucker is as good an offensive weapon as advertised and Winslow begins beating the drum for a new deal once again, K2 may be on his way out this off season.


JI said...

i thought staff infection only came after surgeries. either than is wrong or k2 had surgery on his bits and pieces.

Alvaro Espinoza said...

Surgery is not necessary for staph infection, staph infections occur in almost everyone at some point in their lives - it's just to varying degrees (most are harmless)