Sunday, October 5, 2008


What TP means to me

Pryor is amazing, but he needs to improve in two key areas. One is to accept
that he can't run out of everything. There are times when you just have to throw the ball away. I also noticed in the Badger game that he got a little bit of the happy feet. Although there was little or no pressure, he was looking to run out of the pocket instead of standing tall and throwing the ball. Two is to run run over tiny defensive backs instead of running out of bounds. All to often he is afraid to get hit even though he would be the one delivering the hit as he is about 40 pounds heavier than the little corner back in front of him. It costs yards. This could be something the coaches tell him to do to avoid injury.


Alvaro Espinoza said...

I disagree with your second point completely. Last week's game Pryor ran over a defensive player. The announcers made the point, which you make at the end of the article, that the coaches should advise him to never do that again. You don't want your QB injuring himself running people over. If he losses a yard to step out of bounds, so be it.

Jeremy said...

Glad to hear he did it. I don't want him trying to run over everyone. But there are situations that I have seen him missing out on a lot of yards by running sideways and out of bounds. I'm not worried about him getting hurt by 185 pound dbs who are flat footed. What happens is he ends up trying to run away from them and finds himself hit by bigger linebackers.