Friday, January 9, 2009

Cavs Thoughts

Two reasons not named LeBron why the Cavs are currently atop the NBA Standings:
1) Z

2) Shooters

1) Z is critical to the post-season chances of the Cavs. His two biggest contributions to the team are his put-back buckets when he is around the rim, and his ability to play away from the basket to create open lanes for penetration and pop-outs. I love Andy. We need to re-sign him at whatever his market value is. But he just can't get all of the easy baskets a 7'3" Z can get off put-backs and he can't reinvent himself as a 3 point threat like Z has become.

2) We have been trying for years to find the right compliment of players to surround King James. One problem was never having enough shooters. That problem was so bad we were forced to use Damon Jones in our regular rotation just so we could have any shooter on the floor.

Houston, we don't have a problem anymore. Our backcourt is now stacked with shooters. We have Delonte and Mo shooting .386 and .359 from three. If they have an off night we can throw in Wally. If he doesn't work we can throw in Boobie. If he doesn't work we can throw in Sasha. If he doesn't work then we end up losing to the Wizards. The point is, all five of them have the ability to consistently hit it from downtown. With only two backcourt positions, we should almost every night find a combination that works. Rarely will all of them be off on the same night.

Combine these factors with the King, and the Cavs are the best of the best.

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