Friday, January 2, 2009

What They Are Saying

Looking for articles about Cleveland sports. Surf no further. Here is a summary of what the national news pundits are saying about Cleveland so that together we may praise them or deride them as elitist assholes

J.A. Adande thinks Dwyane Wade may be the best in the world after Tuesday's defeat of the Cavs. While I do not agree with him, I do not have a problem with his assertion. However, one of J.A.'s points is that Wade is the only one of the current greats who has single-handedly won a championship. Yeah, that Shaq guy never has been an impact player, and Kobe's second fiddle must have been Derek Fisher. The last time I checked Lebron was the only one who had to score 25 straight points just to make it to the finals. Basically, my point is that Adande is on Around the Horn and therefore is wrong.

Would the Celtics sabotage their chances of winning back to back titles? Apparently, it is a possibility.

A Clevelander writing for SI dreams of the unthinkable: a Cleveland championship. He discusses his hope that the Cavs will bring Cleveland a championship. It contains an brief history of the Cavs lack of success since their inception.

Tim Kurkijian thinks the Tribe might bounce back this season after a disappointing 2008. With an improved bullpen and the return of Victor Martinez and a hopefully rejuvenated Travis Hafner, he may be right. The starters look shaky, but since the days of John Hart, the Indians have always been strong when their bullpen is strong. Also, I can't say that I dislike their possible starting lineup. They could score a lot of runs, especially if Pronk has truly recovered.

SI thinks Scott Pioli will end up being the Browns GM.

What is the best head coaching position open in the NFL? Pete Prisco at thinks it is the Cleveland job. He thinks that the Browns could get good quickly with talent like Brady Quinn, Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow, Joe Thomas, and Eric Wright. I gotta disagree, but everyone has a right to his opinion (<=this is not actually true. I am just trying to be nice.) Also, I doubt any head coach wants to coach the Browns because of Eric Wright.

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