Monday, February 9, 2009

Dead Weight Cut

The Browns today cut seven players off the roster (probably about 20 players too few), releasing the dynamic quarterbacking duo of Ken Dorsey or Bruce Gradkowski, along with linebacker Antwan Peek, cornerback Terry Cousin, and three players any diehard fan would be hard pressed to remember, punter Mike Dragosavich (who is reportedly going back to Russia to prepare for his upcoming boxing match with Rocky), kicker Jason Reda, and offensive lineman Eric Young.

None of these moves are anything to get worked up about one way or the other, as it's doubtful that any of these players will make an impact around the league next year. At the end of each season, teams make these transactions as a way of clearing room to sign free agents and draft picks. As the title of this article suggests, now is the time for the trimming of the fat.

As for Dorsey, at least Eric Mangini and George Kokinis have shown that being best friends with Brady Quinn is no longer enough to qualify for a roster spot and a paycheck with the Brownies. I just wonder who's going to braid Quinn's hair during team slumber parties now. For those of you who enjoy self-inflicted pain, Dorsey threw for a big fat ZERO touchdown passes on the season, and had a 26.5 passer rating on 43 of 91 passing for 374 yards with seven interceptions. Oh, I'm sorry, did I say Dorsey threw no touchdown passes on the year? I must have forgotten the one he threw to Asante Samuel for a 50-yard pick-six. Oh yeah, and the other 50-yard interception returned for a touchdown which he threw to Leon Hall. That's right, Dorsey threw two touchdowns this season, to opposing teams. As a quarterback in the NFL, how the hell do you throw for NO TOUCHDOWNS TO YOUR OWN TEAM AND TWO TO YOUR OPPONENTS? I really hope Dorsey enjoys his future career at Fed Ex (though he'll probably spend his days delivering UPS packages).

Additionally, with Terry Cousin no longer on the roster, perhaps the Browns can consider bringing back former Brown, Ralph Brown (who I wish still had his website up - as it played the most hypnotic elevator music I have ever heard. Instead, it looks like he's turned his attention to sprucing up his Wikipedia page). However, I'm sure the Browns will have their pick of a number of players who can admirably watch as the receiver they're covering catches the ball ten-yards downfield.

I am a little disappointed to see Peek cut off the squad, seeing how weak the Browns are at linebacker already. Peek was signed in 2007 to a three-year, $8 million dollar deal, to provide the Browns with a much needed pass rush. Peek did show potential during his first year, with four sacks despite several injuries. Unfortunately, Peek suffered a torn patellar tendon in September and didn't step foot on the field this season. Obviously there has to been concerns over his ability to recover from this injury and to be as effective as he was previously. The new braintrust must have decided that the gamble wasn't going to be worth the money owed to him next season.

I know that Mangini and Kokinis have to start clearing house somewhere and the basement makes as much sense as anywhere with this team based on the horrendous completion of last year. I just hope that these cuts are a few of several waves to come, bringing in a new attitude for 2009.


Biff said...

Will Stallworth eventually be cut?

Alvaro Espinoza said...

I almost thought about putting something about Stallworth in - but I'd need to see how much guaranteed money he is supposed to get in the future and the Browns are so thin at WR that he may be kept out of mere need. Same reason why I don't think there is a chance Braylon is traded.

Biff said...

I agree that Braylon won't be traded. Stallworth's fate might depend on whether they can pick up a decent WR in the first four rounds of the draft.

Anonymous said...

Stallworth has a $4.75m roster bonus due in March. Much more relevant to whether he stays than how thin we may be at WR... there are countless other injury-prone guys with no heart who the Browns could sign for the minimum to take his place:

And Alvaro, good analysis, and while I hate to be a grammar nazi, this one makes me cringe: "players who can admirably watch as the receiver their covering catches the ball":

Anonymous said...

Oh, and while I can't find Stallworthless's full contract details, the total package is $35m over 7 years. Look at the guy's history... we got exactly what he gave to NE and PHI. It was foolish to sign him at the price Savage paid, and it would be foolish to keep him.

Alvaro Espinoza said...

@ Annon

Very good points about Stallworth - thanks for doing the research that I should have. I wouldn't pay him that roster bonus, would you?

And thanks for the heads up on the grammar mistake - I tend to be much better at catching other people's typos than my own.

Lori Griffin said...

that is my friend in the picture holding the sign!

Biff said...

Haha, your friend needs to learn the difference between "your" and "you're."

Lori said...

HA! I will let him know, ahh gotta love the CLE fans