Friday, February 27, 2009

The Man On The Street Quiz

Shaun Rogers requested to be released from the Browns. It appears that this request is largely based on two concerns. The first is that new Browns head coach Eric Mangini has on multiple occasions failed to acknowledge him with a hello.  Terrrrific.  That sounds like a Seinfeld episode. The other concern is that Mangini asked Rogers to watch his weight. Now I ask you, are these two people having sex ... or playing football?

Terrrrrrific. This has been your man on the street quiz. Until next time this is Barry Lakin sayin all the world is schlach.


Lenny T. said...

Mistake #1 of Eric Mangina--how the hell do you ignore your best defensive player on your team when you see him. I agree that rogers could stand to lose a few lbs, but making a mandate without consulting with each player 1-53 on your roster first is something a middle school coach would do. If any coach wants to be taken seriously at any level of football he needs to establish relationships with each and every player not just 3rd stringers or just stars.

It burns me up knowing that mangina is not coming into cleveland on a good foundation...the question looms how many other players has he not spoken to on the browns roster?

Biff said...

Mangina = Jerk

Rogers = Pissed that he just signed a deal right before he had a pro-bowl season and Haynesworth got $41 million gauranteed.

The rest is just window dressing. Ok, no more Browns talk. This is a family blog.

The Talented Lamond Murray said...

Welcome to the ManKok (mangini-kokinis)era!

Art Brosef said...

I realize Im getting to this post late......

Aw, Shaun Rogers is pissed that his boss didnt say "hi" to him. Poor guy, my heart bleeds for him. Shut up and play football.

Mangini may be a dick but as Biff said, hes obviously pissed about his contract to be making a big deal out of such a juvenile situation.

No matter who you side with, the fact that its the beginning of March and THIS is the type of sitation we are discussing in regards to the Browns is indicative of the type of organization the Browns have been.

If I were ManKok Id make sure there wasnt one person on that team that was comfortable with their position, because guess what, they suck and things need to change. Every single person on that team is dispensable.