Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's Bugging Me Today?

Greetings all,

This being my first post I decided to keep it simple and throw out a few thoughts on things that have been bugging me lately. I am not an accredited journalist, I don't hold any advanced degrees in sports journalism or media studies. I'm simply an enthusiastic young man with a 6th grade education and an abiding love for all things cleveland sports related.

  • Nice to see Mo Williams get the All-Star nod after being passed over twice. When Mo was initially passed, Lebron called it a slap in the face and disrespect to Cleveland and the Cavs. I'm glad Lebron took that stance, but was surprised seeing how as he wore a Yankees cap to a playoff game a few years back.

  • I found A-Roid's apology to be a complete slap in the face to the fans of baseball. When he said he was trying to live up to the pressures of being the highest paid player he was essentially blaming the fans. Furthermore, he passed it off as the thing to do during the time and claimed he was young a naive. He was roughly 27 at the time and when you are that age you have passed the point of being "young and naive". A-Roid you are never going to be anything but a giant stat-monger in the history of baseball. Oh and by the way, your pink lipstick and orange skin are ridiculous looking.

  • Mike Brown's rotations are starting to bewilder me. I understand the need to rest LBJ now while you can, but try to make an adjustment from your mapped out time sequences on your note card. You don't have to sit Lebron the start of every 4th quarter. Why not just try using some of the moment from the 3rd quarter to put the opposition away early in the 4th? I'm a firm believer of crushing the spirits of the opposing team as soon as you can, probably because I've seen it happen to our teams so often. That said, I loved his rant after the Pacer's game last night. Anytime a coach trashes Joey Crawford I'm all for it.

  • Are the Brown's still an organization? The last time Berea was so quiet this time of year Modell was setting up shop in Baltimore and shopping for the ex-con's who would form the face of the franchise.

  • I HATE Roethlisberger and can't believe he won a 2nd Super Bowl. How the officiating crew managed to miss crucial calls is beyond me. This is twice the team with the mustached female fan base (seriously look at the ladies they have at their games) has benefited from poor officiating.

  • I hope the Cavs regroup over the All-Star break and come back focused on using some their anger towards finishing strong. The only person I would trade for would be Marcus Camby, otherwise I would sit tight and see what this roster can do. When healthy I think they can compete with anybody and would take them in any seven game series.

8 comments: said...

1) I always enjoy a good blog ripping on Joey Crawford. He certainly hasn't gotten any less deranged since being reinstated following "Timmy Gate." How he is still in the league is beyond me.

2) I am flabbergasted that Amare is on the trading block. I'd rather have Bosh, but come on. Amare is a stud and anyone would love to get him. Give up Wally, Hickson, Gibson and a draft pick. I know we all want to keep Gibson. But he is expendable when we are getting an allstar power forward. That is no starting player to get Amare . Who knows if Phoenix would do i or what the throw ins would be from Phoenix to make salary work. But if we can get him, we have to do it.

Biff said...

My guess is a pu pu platter from the Cavs isn't quite going to be enough to get it done for Amare. Then again, who knows. Word today is that the Beasley for Amare deal isn't going anywhere. Not too many teams looking to add a ton of payroll right now so stranger things have happened.

By the way, I think this "we're standing pat" message the Cavs are putting out there right now is bunk. You don't get demolished at home by the team likely to rep the West in the finals and then suddenly decide that you're good where you are. I'm sure Ferry is burning up the phones.

The Talented Lamond Murray said...

Interesting article on today about the cavs. The writer talks about having the chance to sit down with Ferry in his office but before they get to his office Ferry moves the sit down to a conference room. Apparently Ferry had his white board with all his trade scenarios sitting out in the open. So in that respect its good to hear he is still working, it is his job after all.
As for Amare, the guy has a major attitude problem. Having lived in the Phoenix area for a period of time I can tell you they are incredibly devoted (as well as incredibly blind to reality) when it comes to their sports teams. minus the cardinals of course. From what I've heard the fans have grown tired of his antics and attitude, so that should say something. Amare wants to be number 1 and I can't see him joining a team as second fiddle and not causing problems. Trades for players of his talent that put teams over the top happen once a decade. It worked in Detroit with Rasheed in 2004, but before that it was Clyde Drexler to Houston in 1995. I can't think of any other instances off the top of my head, but there may be some. The Drexler trade worked because the rockets were a veteran laden team that was defedning a championship and he was dying to get a ring. As for the Detorit scenario, as much as I think Rasheed is a loudmouth tool, I can't recall instances of him causing problems within a team. I think Amare will do that because he is not interested in winning a title at this time.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys i just received a call from a college friend who is an assistant in the cavs front office, word is that they are in serious talks about Shaq coming over for a future first rounder, wally and jj. this is a deal they are considering bc shaq's contract works right into the cavs front office future plans...thoughts???

Alvaro Espinoza said...

Don't like the idea of Shaq on this team one bit. He's on the downside of his career - huge personality, I'd wonder how he'd even fit in on the team. I was at the Suns/Cavs game Wednesday and Shaq didn't even make an impact. I don't like it and I don't think it gets done.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it from Shaq's agent that Shaq does not want to go to cleveland unless the wild thing is gone or traded by the time he gets there...i say trade andy if shaq requests that, it will also give him more opportunities to donate books around the city of cleveland and not just westlake.

Anonymous said...

I live in Phoenix and the talk here is Amare getting traded-but no one knows where yet, and Shaq is going to cleveland. Not sure how there going to get it done with trading him to cleveland, its a known fact here that he does dislike Andy Varejao alot. Keep you ears open until next thursday!

Biff said...

I wouldn't hold your breath on Shaq. I doubt Dan Gilbert is going to pay $40 million next year (luxury tax is x2) for a broken-down center who is basically just frontcourt depth at this point in his career.