Friday, February 20, 2009

Quick Thoughts From Milwaukee

1. There was never any chance that the Cavs were going to lose that game tonight. A team like Milwaukee just doesn't have the offensive weapons to sustain a lead when the Cavs inevitably turn the screws on defense.

2. After observing his game tonight, anybody out there still want to blame Danny Ferry for not wanting to pay $52 million for Dick Jefferson over the next two years?

3. Lebron's 3rd quarter was jaw dropping. It was one of those weird anomalies where he just can't miss. Even though he's not a good shooter, once in a while he'll have a quarter where he literally can't miss. The only downside to Lebron getting hot like that is that in a close game, it can be a detriment later on when he's still inevitably trying to hit fallaway 23 footers after the fire has been extinguished and the entire offense has been shut down. I'm fine with Lebron playing out the string on hot quarters in February but come playoff time, once he misses a heat check shot from deep, it's time to go back inside.

4. Text message from fellow CMCR editor tonight: "I love when Z plods to the defense of his teamates." Another gem: "Delonte looks like he's dressed for the winter formal after tonight's game."

5. I don't know if Dan Gibson is still hurt but I'm excited to have Delonte back. Gibson's shot is nowhere near where it was in 06 and he probably shouldn't be playing point guard in the NBA if he doesn't have enough confidence in his handle to fend off Luke Ridnour. Is anyone else a little troubled by Gibson's regression over the last couple of years?

That's all for tonight. Looking forward to a nice little Sunday scrimmage against Detroit's carcass.

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Art Brosef said...

In my opinion, this is less of an indictment on Gibson's play as it is a praise on West's.....

West plays very solid perimeter defense, doesnt take bad shots, and knocks down open jumpers.