Monday, December 29, 2008

Browns, Cavs Thoughts

1.  So Bill Cowher said no huh.  Honestly, I'm not so sure that's such a bad thing.  As much as I think Cowher is a very solid football coach, if you look at recent history, the whole coach/gm thing doesn't usually work out too well.  

2.  I don't profess to know the first thing about Scott Pioli.  However, I will say this:  I would much rather a guy coming from an NFL front office pick the next head coach than an owner who knows nothing about football and hasn't exactly shown any great ability to evaluate coaching or management talent (and yes, I'm well aware that Savage picked the last coach but Savage was also an evil villain sent here to destroy the Browns).

3.  I'm not in favor of keeping Chuds on as OC.  If you bring in a new GM, you have to let him pick his coach.  By the same token, if you hire a new coach, he has to be able to pick his staff.  It just isn't fair to handicap a new regime with leftovers from the one that just failed.  

3a.  By the way, if Chudzinski is fired, that's another $9 million that Lerner will be spending to pay a guy to go away.  Let this be a lesson to you Mr. Lerner and all other owners out there:  There is NO reason to give guys extensions when they're already under contract, especially when such extensions are based on one good year.  Nothing in sports makes less sense than the unspoken rule that coaches can't be asked to coach through the final year of their contracts before getting a new one.  I'm pretty sure making a guy coach for a new contract isn't going to scare off any recruits.

4.  Don't be surprised if the Cavs lose tomorrow night.  They're just in a rut right now with no offensive ball movement.  It's hard to watch but it happens.  They will snap out of it eventually but probably not before at least one more loss before Boston.  

5.  I laughed a little bit when I saw that the Celtics blew a lead to a Golden State team playing with about half of its already terrible roster, but then I realized that the Cavs just eeked out a victory at home over the Wiz.  Moreover, they are bound to lose a couple of road games to terrible teams this year.  The season is just too long to make it through all the cupcake games unscathed.  

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