Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Liberace was gay? No way!

Romeo is gone! We can finally bring Cowher back to Cleveland! Surely he will jump at the chance to return to the team where he spent his playing days and began his coaching career! One problem, though.  Nearly as soon as the Browns fired Romeo, Bill Cowher told Randy Lerner that he did not want to be the next Browns head coach.   

Memo to all those delusional Browns fans who actually thought there was a chance in H*ll of Cowher wanting to return to Cleveland:  just let me do all your thinking for you because you clearly haven't got a clue.  You are probably the same people who thought Derek Anderson was good after last season even after watching him play like poop for about 11 of his 15 starts.  You are probably also the same people who thought 2008 is gonna be the year we make the playoffs even though the schedule in 2008 was light years harder than in 2007.  

Why on earth would Bill Cowher want to come to Cleveland to coach the Browns.  Aside from possibly the Lions and the Bengals, and the Raiders, this has got to be the worst organization in the NFL.  Take a look at this list of Browns assets that come to mind in the next 30 seconds.

1) One playoff trip since the return
2) 8 billion cases of staff infection
3) A group of players that quit on their teammates
4) A locker room culture that allows for fights between linemen and quarterbacks

Sure Cowher might be able to turn it around for us.  Maybe his confrontational, no nonsense attitude would be just what this group of rag-tagged misfits needs to go to the promised land. But why on earth would he want to come? He coached the rival Steelers for 15 seasons. The man went to high school in Pittsburgh.  He is and always will be a Steeler.  At this point in his life he would never jump ship to the mortal enemy and become ostracized in his home town. Further, he wouldn't want to waste his time with a, lets face it Browns fans, loser organization when he has a championship ring and a cushy job in television.  

And even if you don't buy these arguments, those 2 minutes he spent every Sunday on the CBS NFL preview show bashing the Browns should have given us a clue that he wasn't coming.


Anonymous said...

FYI If you look at the schedule after the fact - it actually turned out to be rather comparable in terms of the teams records which we played last season

Biff said...

Give me a break. You didn't think the Browns were going to be good this year? Hindsight is 20/20 my friend.

crymeacuyahogariverblog.blogspot.com said...

I watched the games last year. I didn't just look at the record. I saw how bad Romeo was at coaching. You go back and watch 2007 on tape and tell me you don't think they were a below average football team playing a terrible schedule getting tons of breaks. I don't speak in hindsight.

Biff said...

I didn't think they were a playoff team but nobody could have predicted this. They had a legit offense last year. You can't attribute dropping 6 wins to the schedule alone.

crymeacuyahogariverblog.blogspot.com said...

I didn't attribute it to schedule alone. I attributed it to the quality of the team and the harder to schedule. I only mentioned the schedule in the post to refer to people who merely look at the 10-6 record last year and assume the Browns were quality team.

And you mention the offense. The offense had some great big plays. It had a lot of help though from amazing Cribbs returns. Once teams took away the deep ball, we couldn't do anything.

I'm not saying I knew it would be 4-12, but certainly a very rude awakening for people who thought we were going to coast into the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

They went 10-6 in 2007, but if you recall, had the refs not hosed Kellen Winslow on his late catch against the Cards, they'd have been 11-5 and in the playoffs; making this year's shenanigans cruel and tragic...which makes them not shenanigans at all, really.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear.

Nail on the head, crymeacuyahogariver.

Art Brosef said...

Certainly nobody with a brain thought they would cruise into the playoffs, but it wouldnt have been unreasonable to think the Browns would CONTEND for a playoff spot.

This season was an absolute disaster on so many levels, to try to blame it on any one facet of the organization is pointless.

crymeacuyahogariverblog.blogspot.com said...

Funny how a post about Cowher not coaching here in 2009 has been turned into a post on the 2007 Browns