Monday, December 1, 2008


Introducing the starting quarterback for your Cleveland Browns-Ken Dorsey.

The man on the team to be more of an assistant qb coach than player is now under center for the remaining games of the regular season thanks to injuries to both Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson. This is like the Cavs throwing Eric Snow into a ball game because Mo, Delonte, and Boobie all get hurt, only Snow was actually decent at one point in his career.

I guess Phil Savage may have been correct to keep two "starting caliber quarterbacks" on the roster this year instead of letting DA go for a 1 and a 3. Both quarterbacks are now out for the year. If we had been in playoff contention, as expected, it would have mattered. In fact, maybe we should keep both qbs again next year and draft Tim Tebow in the first round in case they both get injured again. We already know Tebow looks great in an orange helmet. Maybe Tebow can coach, too. He certainly brings more enthusiasm to each game than Romeo has brought in his entire career.

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