Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cavs Beat a Z-Bo and Crawf - less Knicks "team"

As a diehard Cleveland sports fan living in Bergen County, NJ, it is difficult to find Cleveland sports on TV, let alone watch the games with people who have as much interest in the games as I do (as I write this my roommates are flipping back and forth between the Devils and Rangers hockey games). So I was more than happy to sit through an hours worth of traffic last night to take in the Cavs Knicks game with my buddy Nick, who lives in the glorious city of Hoboken (of "Dude Where's my Car" fame).

Nick is a lifelong Knicks fan, and when he opened the door I found him in his size 46 Champion John Starks jersey. After ordering food and crackin some drinks I finally asked, "how can you forgive the Knicks for basically throwing this season and next away in order to potentially attract LBJ and other free agents?" While he was answering Al Harrington started scoring like he was Michael Jordan, but thats neither here nor there. He said something like "oh you mean by gettin rid of Z bo (Zach Randolph) and Crawf (Jamal Crawford) we gave the seasons away? they don't fit in D'Antoni's offense, and neither does does D Lee, so hes probably going to get showcased and traded as well." Which for me begs the question, and it has been raised many times over I'm sure, why would anyone want to come play for the Knicks in the next 3 years? Unless you are the type of player that is selfish, wants to jack up 3s, and play no defense, there is no room for you on the Knicks. And in 2010, when all these young superstars are in their primes looking for rings, why are the Knicks a desirable destination, other than the fact that its NYC? (Where players accidentally shoot themselves...)

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum is the Cavs. The organization from top to bottom is phenomenal. The gameday atmosphere trumps anything that NY or NJ has to offer. I have witnessed this first hand. I do not need to mention the oncourt success the Cavs have enjoyed this season. The players look like they are having tons of fun. The fans are having tons of fun. The rest of the nation is starting to take note that the Cavs are extending leads while Lebron is takin a breath. From a purely athletic standpoint, why would you not want to come to Cleveland? You can't really say that about the other two major organizations in town, as the Browns are a trainwreck currently, and the Indians refuse to spend when necessary. The Cavs, however, are well into the luxury tax. The scouting dept did a great job unearthing JJ Hickson. The stands are always packed, and the fans have been awesome this year.

About halfway into the first quarter Nick knew the game was over. He couldn't talk any shit because for all intents and purposes the Knicks shot themselves into the L column. He wore the Starks jersey proudly, which is cool. But it is also a problem for the Knicks. They have no marketable, talented players at this point, how are they going to fill roles by 2010? (Images from the Plain Dealer)

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