Friday, December 26, 2008

Cavs Thoughts

1. I'll save you from a detailed recap of what can only be described as a disgusting Cavs game. In a nutshell, the Cavs were gross, they did everything in their power to lose the game, and after they "won" as a result of what was clearly a "David Stern Special," I felt like I needed to take a shower. I've seen the replays and we got some absolute phantom calls down the stretch. Now, generally speaking, I'm fine with this. The Wizards are a deplorable bunch and lord knows that we've been on the wrong end of a few "Sterns" in our time as well. The larger issue, however, is why we needed a "Stern" to beat a 4-22 team in a nationally televised game at home. I'm not going to start sounding alarm bells after one crappy effort but there were a lot of things about this game that make me question whether Cleveland is really the 65 win team that I thought they could be.

2. Dear Cavs, don't take so many god damn 3's. We all know you're just being lazy. Stop it.

3. When you're playing a team that has NO frontcourt, maybe it would make sense to get Z involved.

4. There seems to be growing support out there for the notion that the Cavs shouldn't trade Wally because they don't want to screw up their current chemistry. I'm sorry but that's stupid. If the Cavs have a chance to improve at the deadline without completely destroying their '10 cap situation, they need to take it. I love it when people make the argument that the Cavs might be good enough as constructed to win a title. Oh really? And if we stand pat and you're wrong, are you going to be able to go back in time and change your answer? Listen, the Cavs are probably every bit as good as the Lakers or Celtics. But I would have a hard time saying that at this point, they're any better than either of those two. Luckily, by some dumb luck, we have a giant expiring contract at a time when 75% of the league is dying to shed salary. This is the perfect storm. The Cavs are the only one of the big 3 teams that has the right contract to make a move. I'm not saying they should just go for anything but if a decent deal materializes, they HAVE to pursue it. This type of opportunity comes around once in a blue moon. The Cavs can't squander it just because they have a 1-3 chance as currently constructed to win a title.

5. I'm starting to accept the fact that the Cavs are going to have to pay big dollars to Varejao this summer. Two years ago I would've said that doing so would be crazy. Now, it's the right thing to do. Our frontcourt is two years older and Varajeo's game has come a long way. The league isn't exactly crawling with young 6'11 guys that can run the floor, rebound like crazy, and defend three positions. Oh, and in case you missed it, 07 finals jokes aside, his offensive game is really developing to the point where it's almost feasible to put him and Wallace on the floor at the same time. In terms of dollars, I couldn't find a perfect analogy but I'd say he's worth somewhere between Shane Battier money ($6.5 million a year) and Tayshaun Prince money ($9.5 million a year). I know it seems like a lot but he's extremely valuable to this team and given the paucity of frontcourt options for the future, they can't afford to let him walk.

6. I'd say its 50-50 that the Cavs will be 30-4 when they play Boston on January 9th. That would be extremely exciting for the city. You can tell, given the type of year we've had on so many levels, that this town is just itching to go nuts for something.

7. I was all set to bash Craig Sager for the ass-clown tie he had on last night but then a funny thing happened: I read his Wikipedia page. The dude is married to a girl that's 21 years younger than he is. He has 2 kids with her and 3 from a previous marriage. He's 6'4. And finally, he has the following quote in his profile. "In a humorous, tongue-in-cheek interview with the Washington Post he claimed he had a "blonde fetish" and that the Hooter's in China was not up to his standards."

Well then...

6 comments: said...

I just can't envision a realistic trade scenario involving Wally where it's worth making the move. We need a stud big man on the roster. Who is going to trade that? If Phoenix is out of it, MAYBE they trade Amare assuming he is going to bolt in 2010. That is a huge reach.

What guard are you going to get that is going to upgrade our roster? Michael Redd? No way.

If there is a deal that makes us better, we should trade Wally. Maybe I am forgetting someone, but I don't see anyone that could come our way in a deal that improves us now. Especially one that improves us and maintains our flexibility in 2010 to sign Bosh or Amare to join Lebron.

Biff said...

Phoenix isn't trading Amare for expiring money. The Cavs will never sign Amare or Bosh.

Redd is probably available but his contract is prohibitive. We'll just have to wait and see who else is available in Februrary. said...

Why will we "NEVER" sign Amare or Bosh? We in Cleveland believe LeBron will resign with us. And for good reason. We will give him the best chance to win with our roster and are able to pay him the most.

Add to that the fact that we will have the cap flexibility in 2010 to sign one other max contract. Why wouldn't Amare or Bosh jump at the chance to sign with us for as much money as they would get from any other team that isn't their current team?

Biff said...

Because neither one of those guys is going to be at the "I don't care about money or city, I just want to win a title" stage of their careers yet. If they're going to sign with small or mid-market teams it will be because they are cashing in on their Bird rights and re-signing with their current teams (at least Bosh will...Amare will probably be somewhere else by then because he's making trouble in Phoenix).

So, the options will probably be re-sign, go to a warm weather city, or go to New York or LA. There would be no reason for them to leave tens of millions of dollars on the table to spend winters in Cleveland. The allure of a ring will not be enough for these guys while they're still in their primes.

Alvaro Espinoza said...

I think there is a possibility of Bosh being moved to Cleveland in a trade if Toronto falls completely flat on their face.

I don't think keep Wally around will be that important in the long run - you're right Biff we need to take advantage of both his and Snow's expiring contracts (no one seems to talk about Snow's contract ever) said...

If we can trade for Bosh, great.

My point is simply that we shouldn't trade Wally unless we are adding someone who is a good fit and improves our team. I don't happen to predict any team dangling someone that fits our needs in a deal featuring Wally's contract. If it happens, great.