Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Poll Results

Greeting folks. This is going to be a weekly post assessing this blog's poll after voting closes.

The poll this week asked what position the Browns should address first in the draft. Good arguments can be made for practically any position on the team. Heck, in a previous post I argued for drafting Tim Tebow and making him our new coach. In the end, the people have spoken. And the winner is...

Inside Linebacker: 15 votes (42%)

Sorry Andra Davis and D'Qwell Jackson, you just aren't cutting it. Inside linebackers are supposed to strike fear in opponents. It is the heart of the defense. Often one calling plays in the defensive huddle. The inside linebacker must be a leader, a warrior, and a monster. Think Ray Lewis. I know Ray Lewis. Andra and D'Qwell are no Ray Lewis. I suppose that is why the Browns drafted Beau Bell in the 4th round of the 2007 draft. Bell is supposedly a ferocious hitter. The kind of hitter that makes running backs cringe. The type of hitter an inside linebacker should be. Of course Romeo and Mel refused to play the rookie Bell and so I have no first hand knowledge if he actually possesses this quality. Maybe its for the best, since in the minimal playing time he received in the preseason and the regular season Bell got hurt twice, the second one putting him out for the year.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved at the 7 spot in the draft (our current position). No, its not A.J. Hawk wannabe James Laurinaitis. It's U.S.C. linebacker Rey Maualuga. One Mock Draft agrees. Maybe that is because Maualuga epitomizes what an inside linebacker should be, scary.

This begs the question, who does Maualuga replace in the starting lineup, Davis or Jackson? My money is on Davis.

Dline: 7 votes (20%)

Much to the chagrin of 20% of our voters, I don't think there is much chance of the Browns taking a Dlineman. There are a couple reasons for that. First, we already have huge dollars invested in two out of the three starters, Corey Williams and Shaun Rogers.

Second, there just isn't anyone good enough to take at the 7 pick, especially one big enough to play in the 3-4. Boston College lineman BJ Raji would have to be the pick if we were to reach for a replacement for Quinn-hater Shaun Smith.

RB: 5 votes (14%)

All year fans have been clamoring for Jerome Harrison to get more touches. I don't see how adding Beanie Wells to the mix helps accomplish this so I am guessing the fans who selected running back were more against Jamal Lewis than for Jerome Harrison.

Wells would look great returning home to northeast Ohio. Even after picking a back to back pro bowler two years ago in Joe Thomas, some fans are upset that we passed on super-stud Adrian Peterson. It would be devastating to let another one slip by.

If we were to take Beanie, it would probably mean the end of Jamal Lewis's time in Cleveland. The word on Lewis is that he needs carries to be effective. He has to wear down the defense and then blow over them in the 4th quarter. That didn't quite work out this year with the Browns being out of games in the 4th quarter this season. Of course it didn't work in the two games we blew double digit leads, either. The problem with drafting Beanie and dumping Lewis is that Lewis is due a $4 million roster bonus a month BEFORE the draft.

The Rest of the Bunch.

DB: 4 votes (11%)

OLB: 3 votes (8%)

WR: 1 vote (2%)

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