Sunday, December 28, 2008

Savage Fired: Browns Fans Rejoice

Adios Phil,

The horrible reign of Phil Savage has finally come to an end according to the Plain Dealer and For the Browns, it's the first positive step the organization has taken in over a year. Tomorrow, we can expect the second domino to fall when Romeo gets his walking papers.

Credit Randy Lerner for putting friendship and money aside and doing what had to be done. You can't instill leadership or accountability in an organization when the man at the top of it displays neither.

The final grades on Savage are:

Draft: C-
Free Agency: C+
Coaching Hires: F
Media Relations: F
Player Management: F

He leaves quite the legacy.

I'm currently taking bets on whether or not the Browns will botch the Rooney Rules during the new coaching search process.

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